Manod Krishna Shrestha

DATE OF BIRTH:18.08.1969
PROFESSION:Director / Producer/ Cameraperson
PHONE:98510 48940
EMAIL ADDRESS:[email protected]
PAN NUMBER:108195639
SPECIALISATION:Highly skilled Creative Director and Camera Person with twenty years of experience in the media industry, including training and leading teams in development focused productions. Areas of expertise include camera operation, creative direction, editing, lights and sound with a proven record of accomplishment of excellence and efficiency in all the productions.



Bachelors in Commerce

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal



  • Expertise in the complete production (camera work, editing and direction) of a various range of audio-visual products in development communication including television spots, documentaries and television series/dramas.
  • Extensive experience in working with various I/NGO, media agencies and production houses and implementing mass media projects on a wide range of topics including HIV and AIDS, youth & life skills, public health, children & women’s rights, and peace building.
  • Highly experienced trainer in audio-visual production and camera operation.



Nepal, Finland, Yemen





2016/2017     Director/Camera/Editing: Produced of three short films and one street drama

Based on IPV issue in Nepal for “Change Starts At Home” project,
Equal Access international.
2016Director/Producer: “A-Shamajhdari” -A 47 mins long short film (Drama)
based on IPV issue in Nepal for “Change Starts At Home” project,
Equal Access international.
2015/2016Working as a consultant for UNICEF Nepal, to produce several short videos stories on human interest issues.
2014Conducted a training course on ‘Basic and Advanced Audio Visual Production’ for the TV production team and interns of Equal Access Yemen, which includes a production of 4 short film on change makers for MEPI.
2013WASL- Production of 4 short films, Talk program and documentary on project WASL for Equal access Yemen/UNICEF Yemen
2012Theatre Voice- a Short Film on Project activities- Equal Access Yemen Let’s be the best together – Documentation of Equal access’s Radio production’s Methodology and its impact – Equal Access Yemen
Camera/Editing/Direction:  Short  story  on  Sanitation  problem  and  polio outbreak in Rautahat District, Nepal for UNICEF NEPAL
Camera: FAO in Nepal- Documentary on overall objectives to prevent immediate hunger, boost agriculture and improve food security. In Nepal, around 106000 extremely vulnerable households are supported in ten districts.
Camera: “PLANET Nepal” Le film – Documentary on the first ever festival of arts and environment: Planet Nepal. The festival was supported by and co-organized with Cultures France, organize by the Alliance Françoise of Kathmandu
2010Director/Camera/Editing: “CFLG” Child friendly Local governance and Child rights. For UNICEF Nepal
Director/Camera/Editing:  “VOICES”-  Microphones  in  the  Hands  of Survivors, for Equal access Nepal
2008/2009Director/Camera: ‘UNICEF in Nepal’ – a documentary showcasing the work and the impact of 40 years of UNICEF’s work in Nepal.
Broadcast: National Television of Nepal as well as private television stations.

Director/Camera: short stories for UNICEF website to highlight various activities of UNICEF country office in Nepal on a wide range of issues –

  • New born health- a success story of a community based female health worker in saving lives of new born babies.
  • HIV and AIDS – impact of HIV transmission among housewives due to migration trend & risky behaviours of migrants in Nepal’s one of the far western district (Achham).
  • Sanitation – a story on the creative ideas/solutions of child clubs of Nepal to educate their parents and community members about hygiene and sanitation in their locality.
  • ‘Para legal’ –story of women’s empowerment and the impact of their collective actions in the community as a women’s group/federation
  • Maternal health – story of a women in a remote village of Nepal, who got access to reproductive health services after she lost 4 children during delivery.
  • Non formal education– community based organisations’s initiative to include the working children & street children of Nepal for quality education in non formal setting.
  • Muslim’s schools ‘Madarasas‘ – an initiative to bring the muslim children studying in ‘madarasas’ in main stream (formal) education system.
  • Orlando Bloom’s visit – a story to capture the visit of Hollywood star Orlando Bloom as UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador and his visits to schools and child/youth clubs of Nepal.
  • Vitamin ‘A’ Campaign coverage in various districts of Nepal


2007Executive producer : Aaja ko Nepal – a political talk show produced and broadcast with an aim of bridging a gap between Nepali audience and the policy makers, providing an open opportunity for public to raise their concerns, voices openly.
Broadcast: Image Television
Director/Camera: Saathi Sanga Manka Kura’s experience in youth radio production’ – a profile of one of the most popular youth radio program in Nepal based on life skills methodology.
2006Director/Camera: Bringing about Change – a documentary on national child conference of working children, organised by Save the Children alliance, Plan Nepal and consortium.
Director/Camera: Maunta Ko Pida, a report on the ‘prolapsed uterus’ situation in Nepal; UNICEF Nepal.
Coordinator for editing/voice over/sub title: YEP, a documentary made by working children themselves about the treatment that they want from parents; produced in three languages (Nepali. Hindi, Bengali); Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation
2005:Director/Camera: ‘Protect children from armed conflict‘ – A Public Serving Announcement for ‘Children are zones of peace’ – CZOP alliance in Nepal. Director/Camera: Vitamin ‘A’ campaign coverage in Kaski district of Nepal; UNICEF Nepal.
Director/Camera: Our Club, Our Call‘ – a documentary on child clubs and their activities in Nepal; Plan Nepal.
2004:Camera: ‘Youth in action‘ – a documentary for Save the Children, US.


2003Director: Catmandu – a yearlong television series targeted to semi urban and urban youth of Nepal to impart life skills and create awareness on risky behaviours.
2002Camera: ‘In search of Zhang Zhung‘ – an anthropological research based documentary on Bompo religion, shot in Tibet. Also, included in the archive of Oxford University.
Broadcast: Kantipur TV, Nepal TV.
Camera – ‘Food for development‘- a documentary on maternal child health care program, school feeding program, food for work; World Food Program (WFP).
2001Co-Director/ Camera: Sisters’ Plight, Traffickers’ Delight – Teledrama on girl trafficking in rural Nepal; Him rights/Plan International.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.
Camera: ‘Invest in us’ – Curtain raiser video for Regional High Level Meeting on Change makers; UNICEF ROSA/SAARC Secretariat.
Camera: ‘Nunu’ – Music video for toddlers and their mothers (Lullaby).
Broadcast: Channel Nepal.
Camera: News coverage for ‘Zero Hour’ news magazine during royal massacre in Nepal.
Broadcast: Doordarshan News channel, India
Assistant Coordinator/Camera –’National Census Campaign 2058′; a public service announcement & a music video to support the national census campaign in Nepal.
Broadcast: Nepal TV
2000 –Co-Director / Camera: Tomatoes can become Meat – Faction series on women’s empowerment through micro-finance in rural Nepal; CECI.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.
1999 –Camera: Barka Naach (The Big Dance) – Documentary on rural folk dance rendition of the Mahabharata; Kurt Meyer & Pamela Deuel, Producers.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.
Director/Camera: Our Goals’ an experimental short film on street children; nominated and screened on Kathmandu International Film Festival.
1998 –Coordinator/Camera – “National Leprosy Elimination Campaign“; a multi-media communication campaign designed and implemented in partnership with BBC World Service Trust.
Producer/Camera – ’Jivan Ko Jimmewari‘ – 3 music videos, highlighting the issues of women’s rights in Nepal; United Mission to Nepal.
1997 –Camera/Writer: Asha – Tele-drama on living with HIV/AIDS; AIDSCAP Project, Nepal.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.


Camera: United Against AIDS! – A series of 3 Public Service Announcements; AIDSCAP Project, Nepal.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.
Camera: Our Life – Music video on women’s issues; United Mission to Nepal,
1996 –Co-director: “Kumari: The Living Goddess – Faction film on the tradition of the
Living Goddess in Nepal; TV Danmarks.
Broadcast: TV Danmarks.
Co-Director: GUHAAR! HELP! – Tele-drama miniseries on development aid;
NTV/YLE/FST Project.
Broadcast: YLE 2 / Nepal TV.
1995Camera: Colors of Change – Documentary on the folk tradition of Mithila
painting; Janakpur Women’s Development Center, Nepal.
Broadcast: PBS Channel 10.
Camera: Virtue’s Children in a Himalayan Kingdom – Documentary on charity
caring for disabled and underprivileged children in Kathmandu; Nepalese Youth
Opportunity Foundation (NYOF), Nepal.
Camera: My Name is Geeta – Music Video on girl trafficking in rural Nepal; Bahini
Foundation, Nepal.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.
Camera: Guruji and Antare – Teledrama on awareness and prevention of
HIV/AIDS; AIDSCAP Project, Nepal.
1994 –Camera: Earth Day is Every Day – Documentary on how the earth is laid waste
every day; Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Project,
Broadcast: NTV.
Sound: Tomorrow We’ll Finish – Faction film on child labour in the Nepalese
carpet industry; TV Danmarks.
Broadcast: TV Danmarks.
Sound: Filuren in Nepal – Docu-drama for children on discovering the world of
animals in the wild; NRK.
Broadcast: NRK.
1993 –Camera: Environmental Sanitation & Education for All – Public Service
Announcements; UNICEF/Nepal.
Broadcast: Nepal TV.
1992:Sound: Safe Water for All – Documentary on how UNICEF is bringing safe
water to remote villages in Nepal; UNICEF/Nepal.
1991 –Assistant  Camera:  Mothers  and  Children:  Their  Tomorrow,  Today  –
Documentary on Save the Children, US, programs to improve the lives of mothers
and children; Save the Children Federation, USA.


1990 –                  Assistant Camera: Hope below the Himalayas – Documentary on Save the Children, US, programs to save the lives of children in rural Nepal; Save the Children Federation, USA.



1998 –Equality Award – Equality Board of Broadcasting, for GUHAAR! HELP!
Grand Prix – New York Film Festival, Greenwich Village, USA, for Kumari: The
Living Goddess.
1999 –Film South Asia (International Documentary Festival), Kathmandu, Nepal.
2000 –INPUT Asian Workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal
2003-“Arts and Media workshop on HIV/AIDS” Kathmandu, organized by UNDP
“Workshop  in  Children’s  film  exchange  program”  Organized  by  Asian
Broadcasting Union, Kualalampur, Malaysia.


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